A Life of Film + [70s]

Black Moon (1975)

Uhmmmmm....... Yeah. I don't know. I spent about 30 minutes reading about this film after having seen it, and I'm no closer to any answers than I was at the start. Apparently, 70s feminism and Alice In Wonderland, and stuff, I guess. If you feel like sinking your brain into a cinematic curiosity without any recognisable plot or discernible meaning by all means go for it. I spent most of the runtime bored and half-thinking about other, more engaging stuff like whether I should try that new brand of toothpaste the next time I'm at the supermarket. Occasionally I am in the mood for something like this, but it came at the wrong time and really rubbed me the wrong way.There's an old babylady breastfeeding and talking with a rat, a horribly unmagical unicorn, a war between men and women, some weird, touch based telepathy, the original keyboard cat, a lot of farm animals and enough underage nudity to make any pedophile sweat. And as far as I'm concerned, the film contained zero sense. It did some fairly interesting stuff with sound, but beyond that it wasn't even made all that well and the cinematography was completely pedestrian. With films of this ilk, you know, destructured, personal, where you're not even convinced that the filmmaker himself knew what the fuck is going on in it, there's still an ephemeral connective tissue there, a thread you can pick up and follow. A common theme, recurring elements, some barely-there cohesive glue; that is definitely not the case here, and Black Moon is one of the very few films where I wasn't able to identify anything of the sort. This is undoubtedly why I didn't like it much, and as I said already, I just wasn't in the right mindset for this type of fare either.
I'm just not sure what it was trying to say, or what it was talking about. And if there is nothing to say or talk about that's fine too, but then the rest of the film better have something else to offer - again, not the case here. I'm not sure exactly how much this affected my experience with it, but I did see a pretty shitty transfer. Apparently there's a 2011 Criterion Collection edition and if their other releases are anything to go by, that's definitely the one to try to get your hands on. Although, that ending... Well, it'll likely stick in my head for a while, I'll give it that much. Icky icky. ???