A Life of Film + [2011]

This Is Not A Movie (2011)

Stranger Than Fiction on crack.
On the offchance that you don't know Stranger, I'd recommend skipping this trailer and jumping into This Is Not A Movie blind.

I'm not gonna spoil the thing about these movies, but if you do know about Stranger Than Fiction, then unfortunately a lot of this movie's punch will be softened. I really wish this one came out first, because it is a lot more playful, fascinating, and it pushes that angle a whole lot further.Edward Furlong brings an interesting performance and the film has a lot of cool little cards up its cool little sleeve. Some of the dialogue is genuinely brilliant, but being a dialogue driven film that should be a given.
There is quite a lot of dark humour and amateur philosophising going on, but in the end it is just one of those things. What was the film trying to do? Should I make fun of it for being heavy handed with shitty symbolism, or was that done on purpose? Is this movie stupid, or really really smart? I don't know, man.For some reason or another it reminds me of Exit Through The Gift Shop. There is a great big sardonic Ouroboros twisting through our cultural output, and you can no longer tell what's what. Ahh, these post-modern times, aye; are you really a hipster, or just ironically? In any case take off those glasses, that just looks silly.So there's this guy, popping pills, has amnesia, in a Las Vegas hotel, in less than two days the world will end, and then there's a couple of other versions of himself that show up. The majority of the movie is confined to the hotel room, and it really is a little bit brilliant how that does not get tiresome, like other single location movies can do.There is also a ghost, who is completely useless and I'm really not sure why he's there in the first place, but now here's the cool thing, that is exactly why he is there. I mean, by Cerebral Coitus standards this one is really not much of a mindfuck, sure there's a cool concept, but it is a simple one. What really makes this flick shine are the incidental details. Those are there for you to pick over if you're that way inclined, or you can just ignore them and enjoy the movie just the same.