A Life of Film + [2012]

Cloud Atlas (2012)
One hell of a way to bring the year to a close. I hate to use this term as it has completely lost it's meaning thanks to the multitude of people who use it to describe their breakfast, but Cloud Atlas is epic. Its ambition, scale and execution elevate it high above the throngs of the cinematic mass and put it squarely on the same level as A Clockwork Orange or Citizen Kane(Oh yeah I went there, deal with it.); these are films that have and will continue to span generations as people not only talk about or appreciate them in an academic sense but continue to be affected by and engaged with them personally. While the above is undoubtedly the correct opinion on the matter, I should mention that your results may vary. My personal cinematic tastes can best be described as left of centre, seeing as how I consider both Crank and The Third Man to be among the best movies ever created. Normally I wouldn't be writing for both sides like this, but I just spent the last 40 minutes engaged in a fairly heated online battle and while I concede nothing, it must be said that Cloud Atlas definitely seems to be fairly polarizing. It's one of those movies that don't really have a middle ground. You either click with it, or you don't. It may have taken 13 years for the Wachowkis to get their shit together again, but boy was it worth the wait.